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Brian had left Gabby for a full week on her own. He obviously COULD leave her. There was no reason he couldn't have gotten his parents to go get her or had his parents contact Gabby's parents to go get her.

Something could have been arranged where he didn't go back to her. He wasn't stuck on any level. He had TONS of support and help and ways out. Wasting police time and resources is a crime, and if that's what these two nitwits are doing they're going to face the scorn of the public and legal charges. Remember the "Balloon Boy" fracas? Both the parents did jail time for staging a false crime and wasting law enforcement resources, although the governor later pardoned them for being white people.

R31 I see why there are so many theories-speculation in something that ALL of America is following is FUN! Like that Patsy Ramsey brat or OJ, we are never going to know what really happened. Whether it's 5 or 10 miles, that seems like a lot of money, to me. I thinks he would have said, on her TikTok video: "I couldn't accept that much money," blah blah blah. No, I don't think the TikTokker is culpable or an accessory, but she should have gone straight to the police or Gabby's family with this information.

Sorry if this is already known, but how did he explain her disappearance to his own family? Are they also refusing to talk to and cooperate with police?

If she threatened to kill herself and it turns out that she has done so I'd feel pretty stuck if I were him. Thank you r, that lead to me articles saying she "last spoke to her mom over FaceTime around Aug.

I am stuck on all that effort spent to bring him back home just to help clean out a storage unit while leaving Gabby alone in a hotel. It doesn't make any sense. All the people who say she was suicidal and so mentally ill she couldn't be left alone for long without feeling abandoned keep conveniently forgetting that she was holed up in a hotel alone for six days. Again, we don't know that she was unstable, HE was the one who was reportedly possessive and jealous and who didn't want to her see friends, and who reportedly heard voices and didn't sleep symptoms of severe mania.

The only evidence we have that she was unstable was that someone said she was OCD, and that she was hysterical after spending weeks in a van with this guy.

Adult dating list the hammocks fl

Some people here are absolutely determined to make this her fault, even though he seems to be far more unstable, and he's alive when 3 women in his vicinity are dead. I can imagine the fighting on this road trip. I've gone on road trips with friends and things can get pretty tense - all that togetherness, inside and outside the car. You feel trapped, at times. If she'd committed suicide, then his best bet was to report the suicide, and rest assured that while some people might suspect it was murder, they'd never be able to prove it.

The worst that could happen if he said it was suicide was suspicion, and having to talk to cops with a lawyer present. As it is, the whole fucking world is now convinced that he killed her, and no lawyer would advise their client to put themselves in this position, unless the alternate was confessing to a murder.

If he'd just said that she died trying to get a selfie or killed herself, and told them where to look for the body, things would be far better for him.

But as it is, he's a fugitive, and the Court of Public Opinion has convicted him of murder, which is the second worst possible outcome for him. A person would only put themselves in the position if it were better than being convicted of murder. I bet when they were fighting in the store the woman told him to cut the shit and called the cops so he planned revenge.

He probably followed her and harassed her and then murdered her and her wife. Gabby saw it and he had to off her as well. i think the Bullwinkle Bar guy is mis-identifying Brian. It's very out of character for him to speak up when he wasn't even a part of the convo. Why draw attention to himself? Plus, he wasn't really the type to have that much confidence to begin with.

Gas stations, convenience stores, etc. There are surveillance cameras everywhere now, so we can at least find out whether he was alone, etc. Only problem is that some stores, etc. R, In her TikTok video she says she immediately contacted the FBI and was able to speak directly to Gaby's parents on multiple occasions. At some point, TikTokker could end up a witness in a murder trial. Unless she's absolutely sure about every detail she's putting out, she can get cross-examined and discredited on the witness stand.

People are so eager for their 15 minutes or whatever of fame. You have to click on the map, then a window pops up that says "full resolution. This is unbelievable. He was seen at a gas station yelling to himself? Can you post the original source? How do people "refuse to talk to police"? If they have their sirens on, can you refuse to stop your car? She wouldn't have made the video if authorities instructed her not to. She's trying to get the word out so more people can come forward perhaps someone else who picked up Brian hitchhiking.

Yelling to himself is kind of a classic symptom of schizophrenia. Usually, the person in question is talking back to "the voices" they hear. Amy mental illness either of them had was likely exacerbated by all that time together. It is hard to get space to yourself on road trips and in hotels and campgrounds. They also had financial stress and were under pressure to create these smiling happy loving life blogs and social media posts and videos.

Maybe that led to a fight when he got back to Gabby. I also wonder if his family liked her or thought she was good for him.

Apparently they lived with his parents for 2 years but they have acted completely indifferent to her disappearance. I am not saying they had anything to do with her demise but maybe they talked to him a lot about the relationship when he was home.

Any of his family speaking out Gabby at this time would be a terrible decision. I'm surprised no one stopped his sister from speaking to the press.

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Something is very wrong with his family not giving any information to police. Someone said? Gabby comes off worse in the bodycam footage than he does. And there's no good excuse for why she yanked the steering wheel to the side. The police aren't your friend. Their job is to bring the case to a conclusion. I don't blame anyone for looking after their own interests.

According to map, he's spotted alone in Ashton by multiple sources at 10 PM on the same day. It would be safe to say he was reunited with the van since being dropped off at the Dam after 6 PM. The van must have been left in Coulter Lake and then he decided to abandon whatever plan he originally hatched to cover up his tracks. The task of finding Gabby's body seems daunting. However, he doesn't seem that bright. That narrows things down a bit.

Seriously though, it's a shame the family didn't talk him out of going back for the road trip. How many rocks and stones can you get excited about after four months? At the most basic level, it means that if the police detain you, you have the right to remain silent.

She told the cops she had terrible OCD. Then she started blaming herself for what he did and the usual stupid victim shit blah blah blah. Stop knee-jerk "defending" her just because she has a vagina. She definitely had her own issues. It's okay to talk about them and they don't need to be dismissed and minimized by you in a less than candid way.

Sorry racist R98 but if you even bothered to look at the pic you posted, it should have been pretty obvious that an Asian woman named Mayumi was not white. The 5th amendment is for guilty people.

Anyway, parents are trying to make police believe he's in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environment Park-area. Not sure if he is or not. But, I can't imagine he has the greatest of survival skills if he's out on his own. No life skills to speak of, otherwise he would have had a job other than mooching off his vlogger GF. Maybe he'll hook up with an eldergay who will fill us in on the real story about how his murderous hole and ball sack smell.

Keep an eye out for a drifter who looks like him and is talking to himself, EGs! If the parents own a gun I promise you they gave it to him before he went on the run. This will not end well. He killed her. He knows the jig is up and his only options are Prison or Suicide. R54 You don't have to wait to report anyone missing.

Pinellas County (US: / p ? ? n ? l ? s /, pih-NEL-ess) is located on the west central coast of the state of Florida. As of the census, the population was , The county is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area. Clearwater is the county seat, and St. Petersburg is the largest city and the largest city in Florida that is not a county The "Utah" list includes 32 locations, far more than any of the other lists. [quote]Petito's social media accounts confirm she visited many of the Utah locations marked in her "Utah" list in The Dyrt app. [quote]One of Petito's reviews on The Dyrt was for a primitive camping area just east of U.S. Highway in Utah's Grand County

The police might not take a report seriously for a while, if ever, but the idea that you have to wait is a myth. Um, they were both mooching off his parents. Apparently both of them were unemployed moochers, living with his parents for the past two years. I'm guessing he will or has committed suicide.

He seems to weak to tough it out like Scott Peterson. Peterson bleached his brown hair "blonde" more like orangeand IIRC, was found with a wad of cash, IDs, etc. I actually don't think he's going to suicide. I am pretty sure he thinks he can out run this in some way. The parents gave cops a false tip on where to search and really, if I were the cops, I wouldn't deploy THAT MANY resources towards the search, knowing they are all lying. We know someone drove Gaby's van to FL. Brian's parents led LE to believe he was secluded inside their home but they've since proven to be liars.

that's absolutely a total option, r if he had a passport, he could have somewhat easily flown to a country that has no extradition, as long as there isn't a bunch of COVID restrictions for that country. If so, he's long gone and may never be brought back to answer for this. I kind of feel they will find her body because he's a bit of a lazy person and probably didn't bury her. If he put her in the lake, she'll come up. Has Brians Family started a GoBeggar fund yet?

Surely MONEY will help them cope with Gabbys disappearance? Cops are pissed that fake stories are floating around Did he and his Dad go to the storage facility to pick up something to help Brian hide or escape? are pretty unappetizing-Sudan, Libya, etc.

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WTH will so many posters saying Brian "fled" the United States. Look at that clown. He doesn't look like he knows how to FIND an airport, let alone how to find an international flight The parents are starting to give me some very negative vibes. They told police the son drove the car to the park and never came back so they went and got the car and drove it back home and waited 3 days to contact authorities.

The family sent him away somewhere with a nice bank account to boot. No confirmed sightings of Brian in the month of Sept. No real proof he was even in the State of Fl or driving the van in Sept. Brian clearly has mental health issues and the stress of Gabby's death and being hunted by cops doesn't make for a successful get away.

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My guess is that he is holed up in a cabin with supplies or something. The family had days to get something set up. I don't think this was a premeditated murder. My guess is it was too much force used to get her to shut up or stop in the moment - as in he choked her or smashed her head or something in the heat of the moment.

LE have access to the "pings" of Brian and Gaby's cell phones. They're using it to track last movements. LE are also examining a open campsite area where Gaby was known to have stayed at the end of August, near where her van was seen parked.

Can provide the links if interested as I got the info from. READ people instead of asking answered questions!! NO the family is not rich. NO Brian is not on a private jet going to Monocco NO his family did not give him a pile of money to go travel the United States while escaping law enforcement. He doesn't even have a car!! Some of you bitches think Brian is some sort of international mastermind outsmarting everyone!!. He is hiding in the woods for Gods Sake!!

i guarantee you this guy is not going to kill himself. He's a selfish mo-fo who killed her when she became inconvenient. He told his parents it was an accident and they enabled his escape from LE questioning. it will be interesting to see if this ends up to be a Joran Van Der Whatever situation. R Thank you for saying that. No Brian sightings in FL other than claims by his family. r have you ever spent a ton of time in a very small space with a person and not ended up hating at least half of their habits?

She admittedly had issues and so did he. He ended up killing her in a rage at some point during an argument. DL Lesbians, Do you get a bi or gay vibe from Gaby? A lot of chatter on the internet re Gaby spending 10 different nights the previous year at Rose's home due to fights with Brian over his irrational jealousy re Rose.

R, Gaby was living with Brian at his family's home so they should have been very familiar with each other's habits. Looks like they'd spent a LOT of time together before the van trip.

r i heard that too spending several nights with a friend she met on Bumble after argumentsbut i think it was on the previous thread here.

R, R, Yes I know and appreciate the info on Rose. What posters elsewhere on the internet are asking if the friendship between Gaby and Rose was at all sexual in nature and that's why Brian was jealous and angry.

Don't forget the 2 women were supposed to meet up on Aug Just speculating re what's been repeatedly stated across the internet. r oh please. it's one thing to live in a house with different bedrooms and separate living spaces, kitchen, living room, bathroom.

Believe me, i know because i've done it. i lived in a 30 foot trailer with 5 people 2 dogs 1 bathroom and it's not a pretty sight. imagine 2 people in that small space. you will get on each other's nerves. Now add in mental illness on each of their parts. what do you think is going to happen? Our local law enforcement started doing that at the Gay Park.

They use Night Vision and Thermal Imaging. I'm straight and will never understand what young females want in a man - he seems like a complete waste of space and probably murdered her after a really pathetic social media van life blogging career.

To paraphrase Indiana Jones movie- she chose poorly. r, the cops said he was there last weekend when they towed the van off. I'm thinking they didn't even look for him and just took the parents' word for it.

Now, that we don't know. He could have stolen one or went with a friend who has a car. Hell, his parents could have given him one and lied about it, they've clearly been lying for a long time.

We also know he hitchhikes so he could be somewhere else entirely. I think he's probably in the woods but there are ways he could have gone further, especially if he got a head start two weeks ago. What innocent person does that?

Yes, he can literally not say a word, with or without a lawyer. This is written into the US Constitution via the Fifth Amendment. It is a cornerstone of American criminal law. I'm no flag waver, but it's something to be very proud of as an American.

His actions over the last two weeks or so screeeeam guilty. All roads of theory and investigation lead to Brian. His refusal to talk is the dumbest thing about this case. It does not help him. He can say nothing and still get convicted, which I hope he does. He should be convicted for convincing a mentally unstable cute girl to be his fiance despite being a bum that caused her death at the very least. This guy killed her. there is no doubt. she's out there somewhere in the National Park area and he did a runner because he wouldn't be able to hold up to questioning.

There is quite a bit of evidence at this point. At least enough to arrest him. I was holding out hope she was still alive, but it seems unlikely now. Poor thing. And her family. Not something you ever get over, I'm sure. Are there any countries without extradition treaties that he could reach by boat? Because it's very difficult to fly under a fake name, and hard to flee by car when you're a headline everywhere, but easy enough to take off in a boat. He might think his experience with camping makes him a wilderness expert, but if he's as unstable as i think he is he won't be able to stick camping in the Florida wilds.

He'll come out, and someone will spot him, and rush to tell the world. Brian didn't flee the country. He seems like an awkward, soft-spoken kind of guy who lacks the backbone to undertake anything grand like moving to another country just to avoid the law.

Of course, a stupid move as it only makes him look more and more guilty. I've no doubt whatsoever aboug his guilt. I'm prepared to be surprised if I'm wrong, but I say he is definitely hiding, not missing. Grand Teton and Yellowstone are close to home for me.

I grew up miles away from them and I am still within decent driving distance. Winter in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons starts in September and it can easily snow 20 inches in one day.

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If that creep pushed her down a ravine, they might not find her until next June or Poor family. I hope some form of justice is obtained. R Can make ANY story about HIM Even a chick laying in a ravine.

He is one of "those" gays bringgabbyhome gabbypetito Is this Gabby Petito's Van caught on Youtuber's Camera? Good lord, that really does look like her van at about in the video. Glad to see in the comments that they've reported it to the FBI. By this time, there has been no verified communications from Gabby. There was the SnapChat to the friend that morning, but I don't know if that was a text fake or real or video chat, etc. So, he either ditched the van and hitchhiked which seems somewhat unlikely, as it's an odd place to go from that locationor he had gotten back to the van shortly after it was spotted and made his way to Ashton not sure why.

Someone on has a clip of a police spokesperson verifying that they did physically see Brian on the day they impounded the van, which was last weekend. I'd suspected that they just took the parents' word for it but I guess he was actually seen. This means they can track where the phones currently are located as well as where they have been.

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Link to Story NBC Maybe Ethan's parents had the date wrong? Either way, Spread Creek appears to be a very important locale. R what's weird is that we've only seen a screengrab of someone filming that picture on someone else's phone.

The original photograph hasn't been uploaded. Makes me wonder if it's not a hoax. i think the Victor shop sighting and the Ashton bar sighting are mistaken identities. I doubt they ever went that way. They were seen in Grand Teton on the 25th and she Facetimed her mother that day that they were heading to Yellowstone. That is the last verified contact. I don't think they ever really left that area.

I doubt Ethan's parents are wrong on the date. They have a video which would be dated and you know the date of your camping reservations and when you arrived at a campsite. R, I used the term "Ethan's parents" to simply the discussion. Dutchie, you could be right. And that Ashton sighting really confuses the map. Things make more sense without it. I think I agree with you R, at least about Ashton. The Victor sighting seemed pretty convincing, though.

You could be right. I think there a lot more to that. Has perfect opportunity to quit the relationship but goes right back. The victim might not be as sweet and innocent as she seems although customary disclaimer that she did NOT deserve to be killed!

Social media a total lie. You all make great investigators. The more I read about this case, the sadder I feel for all of them. This whole thing is ridiculous and two more lives have been ruined.

I'd like to think a few great psychics are helping LE. Can't hurt. Talk about a needle in a haystack. These two were adventurers so really they could be almost anywhere on the US map. What lessons can we learn from this? I like how people are offering insight and support through the use of the internet. Wouldn't it be great if both were found alive and got help. It's really a shame that with their connectedness and popularity through their blog and travels, that nobody around them could help them find a way to back out of a toxic relationship.

This is when social media is a good thing. People can gather evidence, not knowing the significance at the time such as that couple who happened to capture the van on the side of a dirt road in R's video. That sure looks like it. Reading the comments under the video, some claim that on the far left, they spotted someone who looked like was doing some digging in the field? I went back to try to see it, but didn't. My eyes aren't too great, though. I think and hope this video helps out the investigation in finding Gabby.

R In one article I had seen the Victor shop people said they weren't sure of the date and it could have been the 25th or 26th.

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Still out of their way but it fits better than the 27th. I am not sure if they ever confirmed a date they said they were in the shop. Elk Hunters say the van was still at Spread Creek on the 29th. Reported sighting of Brian at a gas station in Jackson at 11pm on the 29th.

GNTP to Brian's Home in Florida is about miles or hours of driving. He apparently arrived back on the 1st. They helped him escape. They got him an attorney who made up shit so that he could buy some times. Young single straight ladies: please get on with your careers and do not shack up with "placeholder" males before you snag your prince! How did he get to Colter Bay? If he hitched, you would think someone would come forward.

It is about 15 miles from the campsite - maybe he did hike it as he told the couple. Terrain isn't easy. They drop him off just past the Teton Road turnoff at pm and he has to get back up to the and then down to Spread Creek - someone must have given him a lift here too. I guess there could be lots of people oblivious to the case - but there has to be more eye witnesses.

I think conventional wisdom is that he hiked up to Colter Bay from the van and that is where he showered. I think he could have hiked back to the van from the Teton Road turnoff and driven down to Jackson by 11 PM.

The sub is too crazy, man. She was a small person. She was confrontational and physical with him. They were in some rugged terrain. He panicked and disposed of her body. I think it's that simple. He's not going to commit suicide. He thinks he's smart enough to outsmart the cops. That's a huge advantage to the police. R You think it was premeditated murder? What leads you down that path?

Based on their history, death in the course of a fight seems much more likely. R I don't think it was premeditated, I think it was rage based, on the spot.

I just don't think he 'accidentally' pushed her too hard or anything like that. I think he snapped. He killed her, but I also think it was an accident. They probably got into another volatile argument, but it went too far.

I suspect that he did kill her. I don't think it was an accident. He'll claim that, of course, to make things look better for him. That makes sense, I agree. Given his control issues the friend talked about, Gabby likely said something or told him she was going to do something that he didn't want her to and they fought and he went into a rage of sorts.

I see it more as him losing control of himself in the moment when them both being physical and taking it too far versus intentionally wanting her dead. I've even had women bosses like this. I always sat there silently staring at them. After preparing the van for a cross-country trip, planning the trip, doing all of the social media it appears they had a drone as well judging from one of the shots in the videoshe has to sit on her ass for six days in a hotel room waiting for him to fly back from Florida to move stuff out of storage it obviously wouldn't have been safe for her to travel around by herself.

Why did it take so long? And why did they not take care of that shit before they left? R Assuming he didn't take the keys with him, she could have been out and about and doing her own thing. She had the van. If she didn't go anywhere while he was away - that was her choice.

At any rate, it's not safe for an attractive, petite year-old female to be driving a van across the country. It was her choice, just a smarter one to stay put. Hence why she brought her boyfriend with her on the trip which, ironically enough, ended up not being safe for her either.

If she had disappeared whilst out on her own, DLers would be tearing her a new one for being stupid enough to go out into the great wide open by herself. In a male the age of Brian, bipolar I and schizophrenia can present in a similar fashion. There is no gradation of mania- by its very definition it must be causing significant dysfunction in all spheres of life. It is a destructive and horrible thing to experience and is often followed by crippling depression.

Why would anyone sane imagine that they could travel around the country with another person in a tiny commercial van like that thing? It wasn't even built out, and you couldn't even stand up in it. There are many many women who travel solo and who do solo van life.

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With the end of the Second World War, Pinellas would enter another period of rapid growth and development. In the original span of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was opened, replacing earlier ferry service. By Clearwater was America's fastest growing city. The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council was founded by the late mayor of St. Petersburg, Herman Goldnerwho sought without success during the s to consolidate various municipalities and unincorporated areas in south Pinellas County. Each year the council presents its Herman Goldner Award for Regional Leadership.

Tragedy struck on May 9,when the southbound span of the original Sunshine Skyway Bridge was struck by the freighter MV Summit Venture during a storm, sending over 1, feet m of the bridge plummeting into Tampa Bay. The collision caused ten cars and a Trailways bus to fall feet 46 m into the water, killing 35 people. The county operates a acre 8. According to the U. Census Bureauthe county has a total area of square miles 1, km 2of which square miles km 2 is land and square miles km 2 Pinellas forms a peninsula bounded on the west by the Gulf of Mexico and on the south and east by Tampa Bay.

It is 38 miles 61 km long and 15 miles 24 km wide at its broadest point, with miles km of coastline. Elevation in the county ranges from mean sea level to its highest natural point of feet 34 m near the intersection of SR and Countryside Blvd. in Clearwater. The county has maintained a fairly large system of parks and preserves that provide residents and visitors retreat from the city and a glimpse of the peninsula's original state.

Geologically, Pinellas is underlain by a series of limestone formations, the Hawthorne limestone and the Tampa limestone. The limestone is porous and stores a large quantity of water.

The Hawthorne formation forms a prominent ridge down the spine of the county, from east of Dunedin, south to the Walsingham area and east towards St. The 35 miles of beaches and dunes which make up the county's 11 barrier islands provide habitat for coastal species, serve as critical storm protection for the inland communities, and form the basis of the area's thriving tourism industry.

The islands are dynamic, with wave action building some islands further up, eroding others, and forming entirely new islands over time. Though hurricanes are infrequent on this part of Florida's coast, they have had a major impact on the islands, with the Hurricane of forming John's Pass between Madeira Beach and Treasure Island, a hurricane in creating Hurricane Pass and cleaving Hog Island into Honeymoon and Caladesi Islands, and 's Hurricane Elena sealing Dunedin Pass to join Caladesi with Clearwater Beach.

Between the barrier islands and the peninsula are several bodies of water, through which traverses a section of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

From north to south they are: St. Joseph Sound between the islands and Dunedin, Clearwater Harbor between Clearwater and Clearwater Beach, and Boca Ciega Bay in the southern third of the county. Connecting Clearwater Harbor to Boca Ciega Bay is a thin, approximately 3. Extending from northeastern Boca Ciega BayLong Bayou separates Seminole from St. Petersburg near Bay Pines. Long Bayou once extended significantly farther up the peninsula until the northern portion was sealed off to create Lake Seminole.

Extending further still from Long Bayou, the Cross Bayou Canal traverses the peninsula, crossing Pinellas Park in a northeasterly direction before emptying into Tampa Bay on the northwest side of St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve - A acre park on the shores of Lake Maggiore in south St.

Petersburg, operated by the city and featuring a nature center, bird-of-prey aviary, and over three miles of trails through a variety of ecosystems. Hillsborough County extends along the shipping channel into the Gulf of Mexico and actually separates Pinellas County from Manatee County. Several natural communities exist within the county, including areas of freshwater wetlands dominated by bald cypresses and fernscoastal mangrove swamps, sporadic hardwood hammocks dominated by laurel oaks and live oakscabbage palmsand southern magnoliaslow-lying, poorly drained pine flatwoods dominated by longleaf pines and saw palmettosand well-drained, upland sandhills dominated by longleaf pines and turkey oaks and sand pine scrub dominated by sand pinessaw palmettos, and various oaks.

Offshore ecosystems include the Tampa Bay estuary and numerous gulf seagrass beds.

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The county also maintains several artificial reefs. Numerous bird species can be sighted in Pinellas, either as permanent residents or during the winter migration, including wading birds like great blue heronsegretswhite ibises and roseate spoonbillsaquatic birds like brown pelicanswhite pelicansand cormorantsnumerous species of shorebirdsand very-common birds like seagulls and passerines like the blue jaymockingbir and crow.

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Ospreys are a commonly seen bird-of-preywith other birds of prey like turkey vulturesred tailed hawksgreat horned owlsscreech owlsbarn owlsand bald eaglesamong others, seen as well. Gopher tortoises are found in many areas, the burrows they dig making them a keystone species. Coyotesthough often associated with the American West, are native-to and can be found in Pinellas. White-tailed deerwild turkeysbobcatsottersand alligators can be found in the county as well.

Sea turtles nest on the shores or Pinellas' barrier islands and have been threatened by development. Offshore, dolphinssharksand manatees are numerous as well, while closer inshore stingrays are a common sight, leading those in-the-know to do the "stingray shuffle" shuffling up the sand to scare nearby stingrays off when entering gulf waters. Species of fish commonly caught in the waters surrounding the county include spotted seatroutred drum or redfish, snookpompanosheepshea Spanish mackerelgroupermulletflounderkingfishand tarpon.

Like much of Florida, Pinellas County is home to several invasive species that propagate easily outside their and their natural predators' native range. Examples of commonly seen invasives include Brazilian pepperwater hyacinthAustralian pinemelaleuca and air potato. These species are considered serious pests, and varying methods have been tried to eradicate them. Examples of invasive animals include the wild boarwhich poses significant health and agricultural problems in Florida and can sometimes be found in Pinellas, and the monk parakeetsmall flocks of which can sometimes be seen in flight or building nests on electrical poles or telecommunications towers.

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Pinellas gained some national attention as the home of the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Baya non-native, feral rhesus macaque that had been on the loose for approximately three years in the south of the county. No one was sure where the monkey came from, and a Facebook page set up for the monkey had over 84, likes as of October The monkey was the subject of a sketch on the March 11, episode of the Colbert Report.

As of Februarythe monkey had apparently taken up semi-permanent residence behind a family's home at an undisclosed location in St. Petersburg, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Pinellas, like the rest of the Tampa Bay area, has a humid subtropical climateresulting in warm, humid summers with frequent thunderstorms, and drier winters. Pinellas County's geographic position- lying on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico introduces large amounts of humidity into the atmosphere and serves to moderate temperatures.

The geography of the peninsula also causes some variance in the county's average temperatures. Petersburg, further south on the peninsula, tends to have warmer daily average lows by about 3 degrees than areas such as Dunedin and Palm Harbor further north, though daily highs are very close. The north of the county also has fewer overall days of rain, but higher total annual precipitation when measured in inches, the county's south being prone to shorter, more frequent thunderstorms especially in the late summer.

Freezing temperatures occur only every years, with freezing precipitation occurring extremely rarely. Springs are usually short, mild, and dry, with occasional late-season cold fronts.

Summertime weather is very consistent, with highs in the low 90s F around 32 Clows in the mids F around 24 Caccompanied by high humidity and an almost daily chance of afternoon thundershowers. The area experiences significant rainfall during its summer months approximately May through Octoberwith nearly two-thirds of annual precipitation falling between the months of June and September.

The area is occasionally affected by tropical storms and hurricanes, but has not suffered a direct hit since Fall, like spring, is usually mild and dry, with the hurricane season extending through November and sometimes affecting the area.

Many portions of south Pinellas, especially near the bay and gulf, have tropical microclimates. Tropical trees such as coconut palms and royal palms and fruit trees like mangoes grow very well in these microclimates. The following is a list of all cities, towns, and census-designated places in Pinellas County, Florida.

Source: Florida Census of Population and Housing [39]. In6. There werehouseholds, out of which The average household size was 2. The age distribution is The median age was For every females there were For every females age 18 and over, there were About 8. In Of foreign-born residents, As ofthere werepeople,households, an families residing in the county. The racial makeup of the county was In the county, the population was spread out, with The median age was 43 years.

About 6. Inas Florida's 6th and the nation's 53rd most populous county, Pinellas has a population greater than that of the individual states of WyomingMontanaDelawareSouth DakotaAlaskaNorth Dakotaand Vermontas well as the District of Columbia. As of The Board of County Commissioners governs all unincorporated areas of the county under the state's constitutionwith the power to adopt ordinances, approve the county budget, set millages, and provide services. The county's municipalitieswhile governing their own affairs, may call upon the county for specialized services.

The county's government website won a "Sunny Award" in for its proactive disclosure of government data from Sunshine Review. In national politics, Pinellas County, was one of the first areas of Florida to turn Republican. From toit went Republican in every presidential election except Lyndon Johnson 's state landslide of However, for the last quarter-century, as part of the I-4 Corridor stretching from Tampa Bay to Orlandoit has been a powerful swing county in one of the nation's most critical swing states.

Voter registration is almost tied, with Democrats having a small plurality of registered voters. It is closely divided between predominantly liberal St. Petersburg and its predominantly suburban and conservative north and beaches.

Due in part to the more populated southern portion around St. Petersburg, it has supported a Democrat for president in all but two elections since The brand of Republicanism in Pinellas County has traditionally been a moderate one, so the county has become friendlier to Democrats as a result of the national GOP having shifted right. InAl Gore became the first Democrat to win a majority of the county's vote sinceand only the second since Franklin D. InPinellas County swung the other way when George W.

Bush carried the county by a narrow plurality of The county is considered a bellwether polity.

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In the U. Senate electionPinellas voters helped re-elect U. Senate electionPinellas was one of only four Florida counties won by outgoing Republican Governor Charlie Crista St.

Portions of Pinellas fall into Florida's 12th and 13th congressional districtsserved by Republican Gus Bilirakis and Democrat Crist. Previously, a large slice of Pinellas, including much of St. Petersburg, had been in the Tampa-based 14th District. A court-ordered remap merged most of the 14th's share of Pinellas into the 13th. This enabled Crist to defeat Republican incumbent David Jolly in the election, breaking a year GOP hold on what is now the 13th.

In state politicsportions of Pinellas are represented in the Florida Senate by Democratic State Senator Arthenia Joyner District 19 and Republican State Senators Jack Latvala District 20 and Jeff Brandes District In the Florida House parts of the county are represented by Republicans James Grant District 64Chris Sprowls District 65Larry Ahern District 66Chris Latvala District 67and Kathleen Peters District 69 and Democrats Dwight Dudley District 68 and Darryl Rouson District The county is served by the Pinellas County School District.

The current superintendent is Dr. Michael Grego.

The district also operates the K Pinellas Virtual School. Among the many notable magnet programs in the district are three International Baccalaureate IB programs, at St. Petersburg High SchoolPalm Harbor University High Schooland Largo High SchoolProject Lead the Way's PLTW engineering program at East Lake High Schoolthe Center for Advanced Technologies CAT at Lakewood High Schoolthe Pinellas County Center for the Arts PCCA at Gibbs High Schoolthree middle school Centers for Gifted Studiesat Thurgood Marshall Fundamental, Morgan Fitzgerald, and Dunedin Highland Middle Schools, and Florida's only Fundamental High School, at Osceola High School.

Two of the district's high schools are also ranked in Newsweek's list of America's Best High Schools.

Pinellas County Schools also offers many courses for academically advanced and gifted individuals. The county is also home to many private schools, including Admiral Farragut AcademyCanterbury SchoolCalvary ChristianClearwater Central CatholicKeswick Christian SchoolShorecrest Preparatory SchoolIndian Rocks Christian School [60] and St.

Petersburg Catholic High Schoolamong others. Pinellas County is home several institutions of higher learning, including Eckerd Collegethe University of South Florida St. Petersburgthe multi-campus St. Petersburg Collegethe Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, and the main campus of Schiller International University in Largo[61] after previously being located in Dunedin.

The Pinellas Public Library Cooperative PPLC serves county residents by coordinating activities, funding and information and facilitating borrowing across 15 of its constituent systems within the county.

Individual libraries are primarily funded and operated by their municipalities. PPLC provides digital resources, coordinated marketing, courier service between libraries, and a shared online publicly accessible catalog. The PPLC was created in to provide access to unincorporated areas of Pinellas County and to municipalities that do not have library services.

Clearwater and others have since joined the cooperative. Librarian Bernadette Storck was hired as the cooperative administrator. Storck was retiring from thirty years working in the Tampa-Hillsborough library System. The cooperative opened on Monday, October 1, with twelve participating libraries across the county. The 14 independent library systems that make up the cooperative are as follows: [67]. The PPLC website provides information about all programs offered in each of the member libraries monthly.

Due to community partnerships, PPLC offers free admission to the following museums: Museum of Fine ArtsFlorida Holocaust MuseumGreat Explorations Children's MuseumHenry B. Plant MuseumImagine MuseumLeepa-Rattner Museum of ArtDunedin History Museumand the Tampa Bay History Center.

The PPLC also offers the Talking Book Library and Deaf Literacy Center as a way to provide library services for whom conventional print is a barrier due to visual, physical or learning disabilities whether permanent or temporary.

The Talking Book Library provides recorded audio, Braille and large print books and magazines as well as a collection of descriptive videos to residents of Pinellas and Sarasota counties.

They offer small group and individualized basic literacy instruction, traditional library and information services, computer literacy, signed storytimes, special workshops, presenters and sign language classes. Agriculture was the single most important industry in Pinellas until the early 20th century, with much of the best land devoted to citrus production. Cattle ranching was another major industry. In the American Medical Society declared the Pinellas peninsula the "healthiest spot on earth", [71] which helped spur the growth of the tourist industry.

Anchored by the urban markets of Clearwater and St. Petersburg, Pinellas has the second largest base of manufacturing employment in Florida.

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Fortune technology manufacturers Jabil Circuit and Tech Data and a Fortune financial company Raymond James Financial are headquartered in the Gateway area in and adjacent to Pinellas.

Other large companies include HSNNielsenand Valpak.

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