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We have recently built our new home in Pakenham. We live across for a lake and we are very happy. It is a 5min drive to the station and only takes 1. I only have to wait 10 min for the next train into the city. it is limited express which is a down fall coming from previous area where it was express all the way. Bonus is that the Vline is express for the early birds. Date old women sex in syracuse.

We are in Cardi Lakes. Been in Pakenham for 5 years now and have never had any issues. Cons: Need cinema or or big main shopping centre. Too many private schools, need more public schools, Officer secondary college is up and running and I believe a new secondary college is coming in lakeside Pakenham. Overall once the cinema and Kmart - large shopping centre arrives- we that would not have to travel to fountain gate shopping centre. It's a great place for anyone wanting to get a foothold in the market and to live in an area that is growing very fast.

It's been a year and half since we moved in Cardinia Views sort of a Cardinia Lakes extension. We never regret in moving here as the place is very family friendly and homey:- A lot of dog walkers and joggers passes through our place even in the late hours proving how safe the place is:- I'm working in the City and the travel time works so fine.

the only decent thing about pakenham is that there are some shops other than that its quite poor not much for people to do in spare time the train station is ok at day but at night is full of youth gangs and drunk people also quite scummy full of alleyways full of bins and the skatepark is not a good place for your child its covered in drugs drunk and gang related activity the town is ok at day but bad at night.

I have worked and lived in the area for 8 years. In this time the suburb has grown and changed. There is a good mix of older and new housing estates. If you are looking for larger blocks with nice trees and areas for children to play come to Pakenham.

Within the Pakenham there is a variety of micro estates that include Heritage Springs, Lakeside, Cardinia Lakes and the ever popular Northside. The town is serviced by an excellent selection of shops, schools and public transport. Call me any time if you need more information. I love to help people with their real estate needs.

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It's just. No one here is reviewing the same side of Pakenham. People reviewing this side say its safe and the neighbours are wonderful. The other side to Pakenham is well Areas appear to be quite run down and poor use of space- lines of shops and automobile shops that no one goes to make the air soo dusty and proper sidewalks havent even been put into place.

The train station is terrifying, drug users hang around the station as theres a park right by it but its NOT safe for kids I take the bus and train every morning and afternoon and ive witnessed 5 fights on the bus within 7 months- all physical and all including alchohol. No entertainment when you are having a party for children- a trampoline park, cinema, rock climbing place, and those cant even be considered local with up to a 30 minute drive away. Some of the only good schools around Pakenham are colleges and are quite pricey, very few primary schools are religiously based and bullying is an issue in alot of these schools.

I would avoid Pakenham high, it has a bad reputation for a reason- bullying- smoking, drugs, lowest vces in australia. It is horrifying. I have met alot of very ill mannered children with horrible little attitudes and morals. Parents dont care and their kids are all inflated egos and cursing each others names, the kids dont care. Dont move to Pakenham. although the bakery on main street has really good sasuage rolls.

Everything ive said is true, its not biased abd make believe to sell a couple houses. My comment is what Pakenham is really like.

Not safe and filled with rotten, horrid and racist people. Hey Gracep5, Thanks for your reply.

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Would you please clarify which area in Pakenham you are talking about. I am sure you are not biased, but I have spent a lot of time in Lakeside Pakenhamin the area near to the Lakeside Mill, and I find this area very safe, peaceful, stylish compared to value, and value for money, suitable for family and kids, etc.

This is my idea about it meanwhile, you describe Pakenham as Horrifying! Do you mean a specific part of Pakenham? Which train station is terrifying? You mean Pakenham station, because people who stay in Lakeside which is still in Pakenham area uses officers station. Regarding schooling, your statement about that it is full of bullying.

I believe it is a very general statement, and this may be found in many schools within a usual level.

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I am really interested to here from you about these question marks, and what is the other area you think its much better, much safer, and no bullying, etc. Looking forward for your reply. I moved to Lakeside Pakenham from Narre Warren North about 9 years ago and have never regret the move, my two daughters teenagers at the time went to St Francis Xavier and enjoyed it very much, myself, work in the city and take the train Cardinia rd station minutes from my house, the people are friendly and I have not had any problems living here, just like every where, there are sometimes issues but what suburb doesn't!!!

search various areas of Pakenham and I trully felt in love with the place, as my property goes up in value, I know I made the right decision for my girls and myself. They aren't really 'just issues'. These are real experiences I have faced. Ive witnessed fist fights on buses and have been approached by multiple stoners and addicts. The schooling around here is very much different, it is still not a very multicultural amd inclusive place.

What I find in all these schools is that the asians will usually stick together, the africans will stick together and the whites will stick together. There is not much close inter-race friendships. Lakeside Pakenham seems nice, it really does, but it's so fake, everything about it has been created to reach an idea.

None of it is genuine. The bullying is on a different level at these schools, it's not your normal bullying. Its either very physical, fist fights, one boy I knew was in literal danger of being charged with physical assualt. Or its catty, they will tear you down to pieces, spread rumours and gossip. This is what i've experienced. Hi nickm I am waiting for gracep5 to reply. what are the other areas you think are much better?

When I said Lakeside seems fake, I mean thats its all been created to be the better option. Lakeside is treated as of its toorak material, the people there are particularly snobby and rude, my family suffered alot of mistreatmant at one of the schools in Lakeside because my sister was behind, from both staff and adults.

Ive lived in Pakenham and visit Lakeside on the daily for around 3 years. These are all my experiences. See my recent comments about bullying. My point is, is that Lakeside may seem great, but thats not what all of Pakenham is like, Lakeside is a very small area compared to the rest of Pakenham, more often than not you are going to come into contact with pakenham, which is not safe.

Sorry for your experience, however we moved here from Berwick 20 years ago and would never move back. Lived on the Northside for 7 years and have been in Lakeside for 13 years.

Pakenham has the best infrastructure in the whole area, plenty on sporting clubs and things to do if you wish to join and the Lakeside people are not snobs just normal family people. In 20 years I have had no violent experiences.

Every single suburb has pockets that are less desirable and Pakenham is no different. It has a state high school in Pakenham and a newer high school in Officer, we went private for our kids. Private secondary choices are Lakeside College, Beaconhills College, Cario College, St Francis College, Marinartha College, Heritage College.

If you are new to the area my estates of choice would be as follows. Lakeside its flat has all your shopping req, train stationplenty of walking and riding paths, open space1.

Heritage Springs same as above without the Lake and Cultural Centre, train station. Arena technically Officer, has shopping and near Lakeside train station. Cardinia Lakes has shopping and a lake its on the Northside so its hillier. Go for a drive to the area go have lunch a few times, meet some locals make your own mind up.

I have recently bought a house in Pakenham. Unfortunately Pakenham did have a bit of a bad name sometime back but Ive been here 6mths and find it really pleasant. Hooning is a problem in some areas There are small pockets of low socio economic areas as there are in some other suburbs.

I live on a elevated block with awesome views and its in a culdesac with lots of parks close by very quiet area neighbours are respectful. Anything north of Pakenham station is the area to buy. realestate in this area is going gang busters we were blessed to get this property. Property on the market gets snapped up quick.

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Gracep5 : Im glad you are just one opinion, I have been here for 20 years had zero trouble, raised two children yes they went to a private school, but overall they had a safe healthy upbringing.

Heaps of sport, indoor pool, indoor basketball, baseball, soccer, 50mtr outdoor pool, cricket ,great new library.

Base of the Danenong mountain so you can be in Gembrook in 20 min. Yes I live at Lakeside and did live in old north side for our first 6 years. Some of what you said maybe be true but that behaviour is not exclusive to Pakenham. Have you ever been down Toorak rd at night, same same right. Overall if you want to live in a town that has grown exponentially in the past 10 years, want a modern house Pakenham is great place.

Best areas for me are as follows in order, Original Lakeside, Heritage Springs, Old North Side, Cardinia Lakes. Timbertop in Officer is good but basically uses Beaconsfield or Pakenham for most facilities. I am glad you had a good experience John, I am only telling the truth of my experience and what I have witnessed in Pakenham amongst my peers and other adults around me. You may have found Pakenham a rewarding place to live, but I personally would suggest buyers to look elsewhere because I would never move back to Pakenham - not even if someone offered me a billion dollars.

Thanks everyone, these are great reviews I am surprised though why Pakenham is ranked th best suburb. This is counterintuitive!! I think the reason maybe because people talk about certain parts of Pakenham, and I am talking about Lakeside estate.

Gracep5: I still didnt reside in Pakenham, so what areas you suggestion, I am looking for areas that have newly built homes as I am not comfortable with old homes and old infrastructure.

Im surprised also Bob it should be higher than Bob you need to consider your budget Ill give you a list in my order and I have lived in Berwick 5 years, Cranbourne 5 years, Pakenham 20 years.

Sorry wasnt finished. Parts of Cranbourne are good also so its worth looking at some of those new estates, Cranbourne has a lot of infrastructure also. Im basing these price estimates on 4 bedrooms, two car garage. BobS2: In my opinion, the ranking is accurate.

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The thing is, Lakeside estate is IN Pakenham. Sure, Lakeside may be a cleaner and nicer area, but it is only one small part of Pakenham. The rest of Pakenham is just not a joy to live in, and even if you do live in Lakeside its impossible to avoid the problem areas in Pakenham.

The lake is also really smelly. I am not a real estate guru, so Im not sure what areas to suggest. Who knows though, from other comments people have enjoyed Pakenham so you might as well. I would never move back there though, id prefer somewhere more urban. Eleanor Court is situated in a quite location in the heart of Pakenham, perfectly located within walking distance to Pakenham Cardinia Club, Pakenham CBD, Train station and only a short drive to the M1 Freeway.

Pakenham is one of the fastest growing suburbs in Melbourne with Fantastic schools, shopping facilities and also boast two separate train stations making it a fantastic place to nest or invest. Brad Townsend - Real Estate Agent Pakenham. Fair call that Pakenham is now the town that used to be a quiet country town and is now its own little city.

To me that is a very good thing. Especially if you want a place where infastructure is constantly growing along with the population. I think it is great that the facilities are of a very high quality and always improving.

Yeah ok there might be a bad egg or two but tell me a suburb that doesnt have that. There might also be a bit of traffic but that is all relative on where you're trying to get to.

The people that I get to meet and work with are on the whole, friendly, nice, fun and interesting which I very much enjoy. Pakky might not be for everyone but for me it is a lovely place to be and getting better by the day. I've proudly lived in Lakeside, Pakenham for over 9 years with my wife and two children.

It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

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There's a real spirit and vibrancy in the community with many local events for residents to come together. As a family, we particularly enjoy living by the lake with the kids always getting a kick out of the natural wildlife. Also, with the Lakeside precinct offering a range of cafes, restaurants and shops all close by makes everything so easy and convenient. We've never experience any crime and always felt comfortable and safe in our surrounds. With young children, schools were also a important consideration when we moved here.

Fortunately, Pakenham boasts a number of excellent schools to choose from. Additionally, we've always had no trouble getting in and out of Pakenham with easy access to both the Princes Hwy and M1 Freeway.

Centrally located at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges and just a day trip to the Latrobe Valley, Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula just adds to the appeal of living in Pakenham. In short, I couldn't recommend Lakeside, Pakenham more highly to anyone looking to move to the area. I'm sick of sitting in gridlock traffic in pakenham it's just pathetic, every morning and every night same thing, train boom gates kick in, all hell breaks loose.

Traffic is bad everywhere!! Berwick, Cranbourne, Officer, its just relative. Try driving from Tullamarine to the city in peak hour and thats only 20km. It is a good place to live, plenty parks, schools and quiet zones. But it needs more Nightlife, casual dining restaurants and maybe a cinema or something else for weekends and evenings.

Pakenham is good value for money in terms of property but there are far more cons than pros. The congestion you have to deal with on top of the already long distance is a nightmare. There is no better route to pick from. The Monash is horrendous and the princes highway is no better. I work in the city and sometime spend 3 hours in peak to get home. There are certainly an abundance of shops. I think about 8 supermarkets between Coles, Woolies and Aldi. The main thing that lets Pakenham down is its distance from the CBD.

Isn't using a train is an option to avoid 3 hours of driving after using car from home to station? I moved from Brighton to Pakenham After buying my first home in this suburb. I am a professional working mainly in corporate jobs in the CBD. The only downside for me is the distance from my work. However, I think the advantages far outweigh. It is hard these days to find something that meets all the requirements so I am happy to make that sacrifice. Besides that, there is lack of nightlife, which I personally don't care about.

As for the suburb, it is absolutely peaceful and quiet - I have not seen anything nasty contrary to what I had heard about bogans! That turned out to be a myth. Of course the profile is different to Toorak and Brighton, but you get what you pay for. To this end, I think this suburb offers a great value for money with good opportunity for growth.

With respect to the demographics, there are primarily familie usually with kids and I have seen lots of professionals every morning on the train. I have even met 3 people who work in the same company as I do.

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In summary, I think if you cannot afford expensive suburbs and you don't mind a low profile night life, Pakenham is the place. Don't be put off by the rumours around the crime and stuff.

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I personally have not seen any more crime in Pakenham than in any other places around Melbourne. Its basically the same. you have good and bad people everywhere. I am totally happy here and do not intend to move from here anytime soon :. Great to hear you are enjoying the lifestyle in our great suburb.

Plenty of local shops and schools also makes living here easy. Hopefully with the freeway widening, your trip to the city will get quicker. hi daram. are you talking about Lakeside Pakenham or other place? I am interested to know. Hi BobS2, I live in Pakenham not Lateside. However, I do go to Lakeside quite often and find it as good and beautiful.

The main difference to where I am is that Lakeside is quite new and modern while my place is much more established.

There are good times to be had without anyone ever knowing. Discretion is our No. 1 policy. Our high quality, pretty escorts travel to all suburbs, outer suburbs and Melbourne CBD & have been for over 20 years. Melbourne's best Escort service providing Melbourne's best escort services! Every dating site Pakenham Best Casual Sex Apps has a specific user demographic. We discuss 3 top dating sites-Zoosk, eharmony and and see which one is best Pakenham is good value for money in terms of property but there are far more cons than pros. The congestion you have to deal with on top of the already long distance is a nightmare. sex or nationality and quite often l will find myself chatting with somebody whilst waiting to be served at a local super market. People here tend to look after

Social problems are due to it being on the end of the suburban train system where youths from other areas who have nothing to do gather. Sad for local community.

An abundance of cheap house and land packages have urged landlords to make purchases in the area which has created poor supply and demand in the area for rental properties. It has also attracted only a reasonable demographic where people are of low income earning families. Monique Holgye - Property manager - Ray White Ringwood.

The land has been getting subdivided for many decades not7 years ago That is totally wrong info. What an bias ridiculous statement, I have been in Pakenham 20 years, Lakeside and Heritage springs opened Stage 1 at least 15 years ago! Love your Gross generalisation comment about LOW income families, Stick with Ringwood as you know nothing about Pakenham!

Used to be alright once upon a time, with lack of things to do or see drives the teenagers wild in this town, could do with cinemas, motorbike tracks or something alike instead of drunk teenagers riding unregistered monkey bikes around town most nights.

Lived here for 4 years and seen well enough to see the town for what it is and its discusting, dont get me wrong its a great place but theres a darker side to it. I'm thinking about buying a unit in King St, Pakenham. Do they ride around on unregistered monkey bikes in King st area?

I love living in Pakenham, the majority of people are friendly, no matter of age, sex or nationality and quite often l will find myself chatting with somebody whilst waiting to be served at a local super market.

People here tend to look after there own, so locals tend to support local business. Unfortunately new businesses can find it hard to break in to the market, because once folk here have a favourite they remain loyal.

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A great place if you have a dog or bike with parks abundant. There are a number of smaller shopping centres built within housing estates such as lakeside and heritage springs. Whilst these have your basics, supermarket chemist, hot bread, take away and two dollar style shop. They do take traffic from the main shopping centre at market place.

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Once l may have spent 20 minutes to find a park, now l can find a spot immediately Perhaps one disappointing trend is the amount of smashed bottles on the ground, nearly everywhere l walk my dog, a bottle has been smashed onto the foot path okay to put that into perspective, if we have a 3km walk, i will noticed 1 or 2 smashed bottles. Graffiti is fairly minimal, apart from the usual along train line, back of shops and damage to shops seems to happen every 18 months or so when some loony buys a hammer and practises using it on a few shop windows.

I feel completely safe here. Happy to leave the car window down while l pop into the shop, or walk the dog in the early hours when l return home from work and dont feel the need to lock the house when i go to sleep.

If l am mowing the front lawn and run out of fuel, l know l can safely leave the mower on the lawn walk to the local servo and it will be there when l come home. Having said that, l have heard of things going missing in the newer estates here.

Have lived here for 10 years and plan to live here for many more. Granted we wish to always live in the lakeside estate. It has to be the best of the new housing estates Pakenham has to offer but we are bias. Lots of schools and parks and shops. A generally quiet area and now with the new train station getting to the city is even easier. We have rented and are now buying our own house here.

Wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Very ideal for families. I believe a cinema is on the cards for the neighbouring suburb of Officer and the new Club Officer on Cardinia Rd is due to open in The Lakeside Mill is also due to open and will be ideal for casual drinks and catchups.

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The great thing about Pakenham is it's as good as you make it. I remember talking to an old friend about Pakenham. I said it was such a great rural community. With a puzzled look he turned to me and said "rural?

Pakenham is suburban. Eventually we concluded that the buzzing town can be both. I live in Pakenham in a large seven-bedroom home set on two and a half acres that backs onto a creek, a walking track and surrounded by large gum and oak trees. My friend lives in a tight-knit community in Lakeside, Pakenham and he loves being able to walk to the shops, the lake, the gym and pop around the corner to catch up with mates.

Whatever your taste there is a good chance you can live it in Pakenham. There are shops, cafes, gyms, sporting clubs, walking groups, elderly programs, disability services, transport and although it's not a Chadstone or Fountain Gate it is certainly a liveable town.

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The Cardinia Shire has stated that by it believes everyone will have the opportunity to work, live and play in the Pakenham area from birth until retirement. So far all of my schooling and working life has been within the Cardinia Shire and I have no intention of leaving. However, the town does have its detraction, namely its reputation. When I mention to others that I'm from Pakenham they laugh and assume I must carry a knife and stroll the Main Street in moccasins. I agree, Pakenham does have its fair share of "bogans" as can been seen on the Footy Show's segment Street Talk, but has increasingly become a classier place.

The growth of areas such as Heritage Springs, Lakeside and Cardinia Lakes has lifted the reputation of Pakenham. There have been talks of a cinema arriving in Pakenham for over a decade, but the truth is Pakenham's population doesn't warrant investments from the likes of Village. But all in good time. The lastest figures released shows the largest population group in the Cardinia Shire stems from the age group. This shows that Pakenham is a young town with plenty of potential.

If you are someone with a family or someone who intends to start a family soon then you must consider the benefits of Pakenham. Hi I am looking at moving to Pakenham with a 10yr old boy, which I will have to get into a primary school. It all sounds great, however, the fact that you have mentioned a higher concentration of 'bogans' in the area has deterred me a bit.

What is the crime rate like in Pakenham? and does it have a police station. I've been looking at a house online and noticed it has a security system? I look forward to any feedback.

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Regards Michelle. Hey Michelle, Thanks for the feedback. The crime rate in Pakenham has decreased steadily over the last five years and indeed we have a high presence of police and PSO staff based centrally in the emergency complex in Pakenham. Like most places, Pakenham has its desirable and less desirable places. Where in Pakenham is the house you are looking at?

Hello Gavin, I am now worried about what some people say that Pakenham have more bogans. I just saw the review done by kimj on Jul 14, Is that true.!? When people talk about Pakenhamis that about its centre area. or certain areas. I am looking to stay at lakeside. is it the same. How the same area is rated one time as Unsafe - unfriendly, and then someone else see Logie comment below comment that pakenahm is Great place to live with family.!

someone must be wrong. Hey BobS2. I think Pakenham has changed incredibly over the last 10 years.

While Pakenham used to have a reputation as a "bogan" area I feel the newly built estates, like Lakeside, have enhanced Pakenham's reputation. I relate Pakenham to a teenager who has just turned Pakenham is young town with much developing to do.

You can see it has quite a bit of potential and while it has flaws it is a very exciting time as it continues to grow. Pakenham's crime rate has been dropping each year and the town continues to expand its new urban identity.

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You should feel very proud of where you live. I know I do. Thanks a lot Gavin for this useful information. Glad to help BobS2. Hey Mihaip, Do you mean what do I think of prices in the Racecourse Road area or reputation? I bought a 3 bedroom,2 bathroom unit in September ,and although I am happy with Pakenham,and live in a very quiet street,cannot understand why real estate prices here are so stagnant.

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If I put my unit on the market tomorrow,I am sure I would get less than i paid for it in September Anyone got any ideas why the market here is so flat. and will Pakenham real estate prices ever boom? I think year is the year that real estate market is much heated, the price could be higher.

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and the other reason is the first homeowner grant will be ended soon, no one at this momoment want to buy any property. It happened not in Pakenham, but in all melbourne. Pakenham property value will be sure going up in the future. West surburbs of Melbourne don't have good infrastructure plan, say, Melton, no Metro train, only Vline. the property in westen area always low valued. Talking about west, we just know the lowest price over there.

West doesn't have a good image. my personal idea, don't be mad with me, because I buy a house, I have to do a research and I have to take into accounts these factors. North melbourne, I feel like heaven.

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