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Gynecologist shuts down man who made offensive TikTok. Passenger attacked after confronting men who were smoking on train. Is this a UFO? I understand the hate more than usual, Snake Eyes felt very stale and the best chunk of the movie is the last half hour.

I loved the action more than anything otherwise I wouldn't recommend at all unless you watch purely for the thrill ride then you'd be pleased! I'm sure if there will be a sequel it'd be much better. cruise01 27 July Snake Eyes is a fair action film that is an origin story for Snake Eyes. It may seem like a disappointing origin set up.

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With the film having a boring revenge story. Decent action sequences.

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And flat script that makes the characters forgettable. The plot follows Snake Eyes Henry Goulding ever since he was a kid. Witnessing his father being murdered.

He plots a revenge scheme to find the killer. Even if he has to join a menacing clan. Until he escapes with Storm Shadow Andrew Koji. Which he invites Snake Eyes to his family clan. Where he will master fighting skills and become part of the family.

While Snake Eyes is keeping and searching for his fathers killer. The plot is boring. A revenge story that feels flat.

It does have some set up for G. Like a short introduction of Scarlett Samara Weaving and Baroness Ursula Corbero. And hint of a shadowy organization like Cobras. The script does not help but give dull characters and a flat story.

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Henry Goulding is great with the role. Andrew Koji is forgettable.

Along with Ursula Corbero. Samara Weaving is decent with the character. The action sequences is decent with its fair share of action.

Director could have shot it better.

Remarkable, same sex dating swords remarkable

It was exciting to see once. But forgettable after it is all over. There is a mid credit scene that plots away for another sequel. Snake Eyes is an okay film which could have been better. But a far drop to setting expectations high for a franchise.

Yes, it happens today, but 90of all fights are using swords and the prize of the war is a magical stone. It's like someone took an existing Japanese samurai and ninjas script, added an extraneous character and made him the protagonist, then plastered on a Joe/Cobra connection and brought it into the present 18/02/ Take walks together, especially when you are having a "discussion." Physically moving in the same direction will help you feel connected, even if you aren't agreeing (mentally moving in the same direction), and you're stuck together through the discussion. Added bonus of We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

Except for a pair of dice and a random "G. Joe" label, this is an assembly of every cliche, sloppily presented. Three seasoned screenwriters came up with this sloppy and convoluted mess of a story? I can't remember the last time I saw such a predictable film. Don't get me started on the cheesy dialogue and lame attempts at humor.

Director Robert Schwentke also failed to give much cohesion to the all-over-the-place script with his annoying shaky-cam and sword-cut editing, as well as his mostly migraine-inducing action scenes. He tried too hard - and failed to make this a blockbuster, instead of the B grade action film it was.

Henry Golding as Snake-Eyes lacked the action-hero presence and was about as convincing as Clint Eastwood as a stand-up comedian. The rest of the casting and performances were decent, but the only redeeming quality of this film was the amazing production sets and costumes.

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I saw this mainly cos of Iko Uwais n got terribly disappointed cos his footage is less n he doesnt get to kick ass. Then i thot lets just enjoy the action but then again none of the fight scenes are noteworthy.

Recently i saw Lee's Fist of Fury n i loved the Japanese garden. This movie too has some some beautiful gardens, lakes, hill tops houses, etc. The editing ruined everything. Cos of the shaky cam n fast cut editing, one cannot make out what is going on during the fight scenes. The character of Snake Eyes is more spiteful n the character of Shadow Storm more sympathetic.

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How conveniently the clan n the Major Scarlett work together with Baroness, a Cobra member. Also how easily Snake Eyes forgives his dad's murderer n after that fight alongside Baroness inspite of knowing that Cobra gang gave the orders to eliminate his dad. I miss those old ninja movies man.

arfdawg-1 17 September As a kid I read a few GI Joe comix and had he GI Jow big doll. He was white. How he suddenly became Japanese considering he fought in WW2, is beyond me. So let's take this alledged "origin" off the table and evalate the movie.

It sucks. It's slow with occasionay burst of energy. The story itself is boring too.

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Simply not compelling. It supposedly had a bdget of close to mil. This is what you get?

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Actually what you get is a big budget grindhouse martial arts movie. Who thought this would make back the budget?

Same sex dating swords

DarkVulcan29 27 July I didn't like G. Joe : The Rise of Cobrabut did like G. Joe : Retaliation a little more. Now they have decided to build a G. Joe universe, by rebooting the franchise. Now the story is almost the same has Batman BeginsI believe this movie took inspiration from that. Now Henry Golding has Snake Eyes is a mixed bag, when it came to the fight scenes, it's clear he does not have much experience in martial arts, cause it goes to many cutaways to the point I was guessing the parts where it was and wasn't him.

But his acting really shines through playing Snake Eyes has very conflicted, not just one noted. Action scenes are pretty descent, not great but descent. The rest of the cast are pretty good too, even Samara Weaving has Scarlett, like the action figure came to life. Does he become the character we know from G. Joe, well not quite, but if more sequels come I'll check it out.

Not a great film, not bad either, just alright. generationofswine 27 July if you know nothing about GI Joe, I guess it's good, except that Snake Eyes comes across as sort of an, well, an A-Word for most of the movie. And if you are a fan of GI Joe, this has nothing to do with Snake Eyes, the character isn't Snake Eyes, he's not even mute or horribly scared, and the movie absolutely sucks.

But then, I guess if you are a fan of GI Joe, than you are toxic and the movie isn't made for you because it's made for the people who, I guess aren't GI Joe fans and is just reliant on the fans who it's not made for to make the box office returns that it didn't have because the fans who it's not made for are toxic for not seeing it or something like that. Anyway, it's not really a GI Joe movie, the character's aren't at all the same, and what you have is really sort of a bad kung-fu movie with choppy action, that doesn't even really work as a generic kung-fu movie because even that seems out of place and done in short and choppy motion that leaves the viewer kind of sea sick with no real idea who is doing what or what is going on when the fighting starts.

So, I guess if you don't know anything about GI Joe, it might only be a bad movie and not an absolutely horrible movie. stevendbeard 23 July This is a reboot of the G. Joe-and Hasbro-universe that will contain other properties, such as M. This is a spinoff of the Joes and is an origin story for Snake Eyes.

Henry plays the iconic character that saves the life of Andrew, who, unbeknownst to him, happens to be a powerful man-You will also learn how Snake Eyes got his name. In gratitude, Andrew takes Henry into his clan and teaches him the ways of the warrior-and treats him like a brother.

Of course, conflict enters the picture in the form of Cobra, lead by Ursula, aka, The Baroness. You do get to see one of the G. Joe team members; Scarlett, played by Samara. Lots of sword-and other weapons-fighting, plus gun battles and a magical jewel that everyone seems to want. By the end, you will know why Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow don't get along.

There is a scene-just as the end credits start-that portends future installments in the series, but nothing at the very end. JoBloTheMovieCritic 15 August Snake Eyes is a movie we saw in theatres the opening Friday of its release. The storyline follows an orphan who makes a living as an underground fighter.

He befriends a man in charge of the future of his clan. The orphan is asked by a government agency to infiltrate his friends clan and steal a jewel. The orphan is torn between his friend and the government agency. This movie is directed by Robert Schwentke Red and stars Henry Golding Crazy Rich AliensAndrew Koji Fast and Furious 6Peter Mensah SpartacusUrsula Corbero Money Heist and Samara Weaving Ready or Not. The storyline for this is very straightforward but fun for fans of the original animated series to watch unfold as traditional characters slowly get introduced into the storyline.

I loved the action scenes throughout the movies.

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The street fights, sword fights, and action scenes on the motorcycles are all over the top and well done. kwenchow 21 August This film start with the father talking with his son "Snake Eyes", and the father been killed scene!

As turnout, this film is about Snake Eyes need to stop a villain "Kenta" using the so called "The Jewel Of The Sun" for personal gain! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene!

Such as, overuse of the walking scene, overuse of the searching scene, overuse of the arguing scene, overuse of the calling names scene, overuse of the long angle scenery scene, and overuse of the staring scene! Make the film unwatchable! All the action scene have blood at certain point, have things broken at certain point, have explosion at certain point, but overall portray by sideways, messy, shaky, have slow motion, and occur in too short of time!

Make the film frustrated to watch!

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At the end, Kenta been killed by the giant snake! Snake Eyes want to find back Tommy at the very end! Still have a post credit scene! Tommy telling Baroness call him "Storm Shadow"!

That's it! Wasting time to watch!

Better rewatch "The Rise Of Cobra"! yusufpiskin 19 August When will the nonsense of everyone speaking English even when Americans make films about other cultures end? kluseba 6 October I'm usually neither fond of superhero movies in general nor of the Marvel franchise in particular but Snake Eyes: G.

Joe Origins is a very positive exception for me and a movie that is much better than its lukewarm reception might indicate. First and foremost, this film is a feast of martial arts fans. Back in the seventies, there were four new martial arts films at the cinema every week but these days they are hard to come by. In this film, we see ferocious fist fights but also the use of daggers, pistols and swords and even some elements of magic.

The choreography is stunning and the pace is at times breathtaking. Up next, the locations for this movie have been chosen with care. The film starts with a series of different locations from a cabin in the woods over a shady underground fighting circuit to a port infiltrated with criminals.

Most of the movie however takes place in a Japanese ninja dojo that looks absolutely stunning.

Pore over the magical properties of swords, helms, amulets, rings, and more. Hardcore. Those brave enough to risk permanent death discuss strategy and honor the fallen. Brawling. Discuss all cts of brawling with fellow Diablo III players. Lore & Story

This starts with the traditional buildings and continues with the surrounding forests, gardens, temples and shrines. The settings are very detailed and ooze with atmosphere. The acting performances are also very decent. It was a great pleasure to see Iko Uwais on the big screen again but he doesn't play a ferocious martial artist but rather a wise teacher in this film which suits him surprisingly well. If dating sims have taught me anything, it's that the thirstier you are, the less you will drink.

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